PowerPill FE3

PowerPill is a highly-refined pure petroleum product of exceptional quality, with an atomic structure composed of long hydrocarbon chains (H60+C30+). PowerPill is made from a high-vacuum, high-temperature distillation process, way beyond the usual refining practices. (By comparison octane rated petrol is a far less refined product). PowerPill is made by New Image International under U. S. Lubricants International. PowerPill and Micro PowerPill (for smaller engines) are supplied in a convenient, easy-to-store tablet form. The tablets dissolve completely in fuel to promote cleaner burning engines.

The main benefits of using the PowerPill are:

  1. Reduces exhaust smoke, emissions.
  2. Increases engine power.
  3. Improves fuel economy.
  4. Cleans injectors, carburettors and entire fuel system.
  5. Promotes more complete fuel combustion.
  6. Easier start-up for seldom used engines.
  7. Lubricates and conditions valves, pistons and rings.
  8. Absolutely safe – cannot damage any type of engine.
  9. Acts as a lead substitute

Both PowerPill and Micro PowerPill are equally effective in petrol and diesel engines, 2- or 4-stroke. Being of a hydrocarbon composition, PowerPill is a fuel conditioner not an additive.


Product FAQS

How much money can I save with PowerPill?
Everyone’s fuel economy results will differ depending upon the age and type of vehicle, and even the driving habits of the driver. The average fuel saving is 17% but don’t forget about reduced maintenance costs.

How soon will I experience results?
The time needed will vary depending upon the vehicle. Some drivers will notice a dramatic difference after their first fill-up, while others will need several fill-ups. Much of the difference depends on the amount of carbon and other deposits which have built up in the fuel system. If your vehicle is older you should notice continual improvement, however, you should allow about 5% of total vehicle mileage for the product to do a complete job. For example, if your vehicle has 25,000 miles on it, allow PowerPill 1,000 miles of use for optimum results. Then continue to use PowerPill with every fill-up for good mileage and long engine life.

Will PowerPill void my warranty or harm my engine?
No. PowerPill has been used in various forms for over 30 years and there has never been a damage claim filed. PowerPill is 100% highly refined petroleum and can in no way harm an engine or any other component of a vehicle. It has been used and tested by major automobile manufacturers, agencies of Governments from around the world and thousands of other commercial and private customers, all with highly positive results.

How does PowerPill effect the environment?
PowerPill aids the environment by drastically reducing the hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen emissions from your vehicle. Fuel is burned more completely and the entire fuel system is cleaned and lubricated, making it more efficient.

Do you have lab tests to back up your claims?
Yes. PowerPill has been subjected to controlled testing by Government laboratories, internationally recognized testing agencies, engineering laboratories and universities. The tests not only confirm mileage results, but also dramatic reductions in exhaust emissions. Copies of all lab results are on file at Head Office of New Image International and at the regional offices.

What is the difference between PowerPill and liquid additives?
The typical liquid additive is a limited purpose product designed only to dissolve fuel system deposits. It normally consists of 96-98% carrier (aromatic solvents) and contains no lubricants. PowerPill cleans and lubricates and allows more of the fuel to be burned and stops acid formation.

My vehicle needs a tune-up, should I try PowerPill first?
Absolutely. By cleaning out old deposits in the fuel system and combustion area, PowerPill may even eliminate the need for a tune-up. If your problem is mechanical a tune-up will still be required.

I always use good fuel and do mostly freeway driving; would I still have deposits in my fuel system?
Yes. Most of the deposit problem is caused by sulphur in the fuel which forms sulphuric acid which in turn creates carbon, gums, lacquers, varnishes and sludge in your fuel system and combustion area. PowerPill cleans old deposits and stops the acid formation to prevent new deposits.

My vehicle has poor power even when I use premium fuel.
Can PowerPill help?
Absolutely. Knocking and power loss can be caused by either poor fuel or a build-up of deposits in the fuel system. PowerPill will clean out the deposits and cause your fuel to burn better thus having the effect of raising the octane/cetane level. PowerPill also lubricates the valves and rings which allows greater compression and thus more power. These same benefits will assist you if your vehicle hesitates, stalls or is hard to start. If the use of PowerPill does not solve your problem, it may be mechanical.

Will PowerPill harm my catalytic converter or fuel injection system?
No. Just the opposite. PowerPill will clean and lubricate both and eliminate most potential problems.

Does PowerPill contain a Biocide (chemical)?
Definitely not. By controlling water PowerPill eliminates the conditions necessary for biological growth in fuel tanks, systems and storage tanks.

If PowerPill is so good, how come I have not heard of it?
PowerPill or PSP as it was known in the USA has been extensively used in the USA for over 30 years. For most of that period it was supplied to major US companies and utilities (such as Navy, Coast Guard, Power Stations, Railways etc) with no need to export the product. It was only six years ago that the product was available for export and it is now across the globe from the Kingdom of Tonga to Russia.

How does the PowerPill stop regular sulphur acid action?
Simple. It breaks the free sulphur molecule with oil (similar to the way it surrounds the diesel molecule, removing the environment between diesel fuel and water for the algae to grow). By keeping most of the sulphur molecule suspended this way it stops the reaction of forming sulphuric acid. Any acids formed and those not prevented by this action are then neutralised by the PowerPill present in the oil. There are plenty of examples. We are all aware of how adding substances to acids (sodium Bicarbonate) neutralises them. That is why the first one or two doses of PowerPill is taken up neutralising the acids already in the old oil and in the cleaning action.

Is this similar to the old PetrolPill?
No. PowerPill is a much more advanced product. There were different pills for petrol and diesel. PowerPill is equally effective in both petrol and diesel and there is a Mini PowerPill especially developed for small engines.


Product Testimonials

What some very satisfied customers have to say about PowerPill FE-3

In my automobile service centre, we pay special attention to our customers’ car engine performance and fuel consumption. We are exposed to a large number of fuel additives and conditioners, but our needs in this area have been met and exceeded by the unique PowerPill FE-3. Every staff member is trained on how to use PowerPill FE-3 as its usage raises no concern for the warranty and life span of the engine and the environment. My clients appreciate the fact that their cars perform better and have improved miles per gallon.

– D’ Ben Garage Sdn Bhd, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
We use PowerPill FE-3 in our 1990 Nissan Navara petrol ute with 150,000km on the clock. First thing we noticed was no pinking on the hills and steep hills tackled in top gear (we used to be in third) with the engine running cooler. After only three tankfuls we are getting up to 32km extra per fillup.

– Mike & Bev Morgan, Taranaki, New Zealand
We have a 10 seater Toyota Hiace petrol taxi van and found results were very quick – using much less fuel and most importantly, more power under a full load. A driver who recently started with us was amazed at the difference between our van and an identical van he’d been driving. We know this improved efficiency will mean reduced maintenance costs too.

– Joan Marks, North Harbour Taxis, Auckland, New Zealand
Stu Pykett, self employed motor engineer races a tunnel hull in national level formula 3 powerboat circuit racing. Two months into speed trials with PowerPill FE-3 treated racing fuel, has reduced the flying kilometre time by 4 seconds. The most important benefit has been the added punch available in the mid range revs at around 4,000 – 5,000 rpm. The boat now exits corners and hits top speed around 10 – 15 seconds before the competition. Stu’s opinion is PowerPill FE-3 is the best thing ever to happen to boat owners, jet skiers and motorcyclists.

– Stu Pykett, Piranha Formula 3 Powerboat Racing Team, Napier, New Zealand
Trucking operator sold on the benefits of PowerPill FE-3

We decided to trial three Mack trucks on PowerPill FE-3 over a measured period of time. We coupled the PowerPill FE-3 trial with our policy of ‘drive to survive’ which involved limiting the speed of the Macks to 95 kms / hr as well as a heavy emphasis on driver education. The trials were accurately monitored so that we could be sure of the results we were getting. After the initial month we began to notice some significant improvements in the fuel consumption of all three of the vehicles. On average to date we have been achieving an 11.2% saving on fuel per tank. In business terms this gives us a cost advantage over competitors that enables us to maximise the potential within our industry more competitively. This product ‘PowerPill FE-3’ is a fantastic example of innovation when looking for new business opportunities.

– David Lloyd, DF Lloyd & Son Ltd, Palmerston North, New Zealand
PowerPill FE-3 makes BIG savings!

The savings that Jenny and I have found by using the PowerPill FE-3 in our 1982 Holden Camira, 1984 Toyota Hi Lux Diesel and a 70HP Massey Ferguson 275, 4 wheel drive tractor have been amazing! I was very impressed with the PowerPill FE-3 when it was used in the tractor and found that it started more easily after being parked for a long period, runs quieter and has achieved 20% savings in diesel. Our Toyota Hi Lux which has 250,000km’s on the clock starts easier, engine running quieter and has a fuel economy saving of 25%. The Holden Camera which Jenny drives has an average of 22.5% saving which includes long (over 300kms) and short trips. All engines now run cooler and smoother. The financial savings that we have achieved since using the PowerPill FE-3 has encourages us to continue using the products and encourage others to do the same. This is a product that all vehicle owners should use.

– Bruce and Jenny Harrington, Gore, New Zealand
PowerPill FE-3, My New found Partner and Friend

After the initial dose (first fill-up), started performing better. My husband Andy and sons Benedict and Frederick were astonished by the almost instantaneous change in the idling of their vehicles. Adding to their amazement was the evident increase in the engine power of the 1000cc Suzuki Super Carry Van and Daihatsu Charade. PowerPill FE-3 from New Image International has surely found in me a user, endorser and benefactor.

– Beth Ruiz, Lucena City, Philippines
Central Cabs takes the PowerPill FE-3 challenge!

I started using the PowerPill FE-3 two weeks ago. After only one fill-up I noticed the diesel van was pulling much better up the hills with so much more power. We then tried it in the petrol van with much the same results. Now the extra km’s we are getting out of each taxi is a big boost to our business, 100km per fill-up on the diesel van.

– Bob Farguhar, Central Cabs, Inglewood, New Zealand