Alpha Lipid SDII


Alpha LipidTM SDIITM

Net weight: 420g
Servings: 28
Usage: Two heaped scoops in 200/250ml of water.
When to avoid: Pregnant or nursing mothers.

Fat was never intended to be a burden to the human race. It is a result of our lifestyle being out of balance. The original human beings made use of their fundamental ability to store surplus food in times of plenty as fat, to be utilised in times of food shortages. However, with our easier lifestyle and the excess of calories lurking in most processed foods today, fat is accumulating at a frightening rate. The New Image Slim Diet plan works in harmony with nature.


How Our Bodies Work

The body has a naturally programmed automatic weight gain/loss system. Simply put – if you eat more calories than you burn for energy, you will gain weight. It is important to understand that everyone’s body metabolism consumes fuel at different rates. This accounts for some people eating little, yet gaining weight, while others can eat a lot and remain trim and slim.

The principle of the Alpha LipidTM SDIITM programme is to tap into the body’s natural weight loss system through controlling your daily carbohydrate intake. It is really just the weight gain system in reverse – if you eat less carbohydrate than you require for energy, your stored fat is burned to provide your body’s energy requirements. It is therefore important to keep an accurate record of all carbohydrates you consume daily. One of the keys to our programme is the identification of your Critical Carbohydrate Level.



The carbohydrate intake is controlled so that when the blood sugar level reduces, the body will switch over to burning fat for energy and produce ketones. This form of ketosis is hypoglycaemic ketosis which is very different from hyperglycaemic ketosis occurring with diabetes.

Ketosis is a natural process of burning fat for energy. All living creatures have this ability. At birth we are born in the pink. A baby loses a little weight during the first few days and most of this is due to the fat-burning process supplying the energy needed until its digestive system is fully functional.


Alpha LipidTM SDIITM is also marketed as Alpha LipidTM Ultra DietTM 2.

Using ketosis for weight loss has several advantages:

  1. Rapid weight loss – 250g – 500g per day minimum (more in first week) which is comparable to that achieved during complete fasting.
  2. Increased energy – Burning off 500g of fat will produce 3,600 calories of energy.
  3. Increased mental capacity – Ketones when used as a fuel for the brain, can increase concentration and memory capacity.
  4. Fluid balance – Ordinary low-calorie diets do not have the capacity to reduce fluid retention, particularly with very obese people. A Protein-Sparing Modified Fast diet balances body fluids.


From Day 2 of starting the Slim Diet, the urine should be checked with the Uriscan. The reading should be on pink (minor or small) for best results. This should be achieved within 48 hours. The urine should be checked first thing in the morning.

Check the urine before the evening meal as well for the first week. If the Ketone reading is too high (large or major), then you are either not drinking enough water or need to increase carbohydrate intake. If the Ketone-reading is too low (nil) then you are having too much carbohydrate.

If you are higher up on the scale, your body can tolerate a little more carbohydrate. Increase your intake slowly, testing your urine every day, until you find your personal Critical Carbohydrate Level (C.C.L.).

For the first few days of the diet, keep your carbohydrate intake to a minimum so you will get into ketosis quickly. Once the body has been in ketosis for a week, you can afford to experiment and find your own critical carbohydrate level (C.C.L.).


There are three basic principles for losing weight:

  1. Exercise
  2. Low Calorie Intake
  3. Low Carbohydrate Intake


Slim Diet’s Unique Benefits

  1. It is completely natural, safe, rapid and cost effective.
  2. There are no ravenous hunger pains and a satisfying volume of food is consumed daily.
  3. You can measure, by means of a simple test, whether you are burning fat or not.
  4. You lose only fat, not lean body tissue (as in low calorie diets), thereby maintaining good muscle and skin tone.
  5. Detoxification and cleansing of your body’s system is automatic.
  6. The plan offers great encouragement, as weight loss is more rapid than any other programme based on calorie or exercise principles.
  7. Identification of your body’s metabolic rate (critical carbohydrate level).
  8. A very effective support system.
  9. Establishes the basis and knowledge to maintain weight control forever.
  10. More energy with no dieting blues or side effects.


Important rules for Slim Diet II

    1. Shake your Slim Diet can before opening. (Some nutrients tend to settle during shipping.)
    2. You must mix two scoops of the formula in an 8oz (250m1) glass or more of water four times daily. (A plastic scoop is provided in each can).
    3. Eat only from food list. If it is not on the list you cannot have it! These foods have been carefully chosen to ensure maximum and efficient weight loss.
    4. You must have 2-4 protein foods spread over the day with vegetables (raw or cooked) from the food list.
    5. You must have a minimum of 20 grams of carbohydrates from the food list, but you must not exceed 35 grams.
    6. You must have a total of two dessertspoons of COLD pressed oil and one dessertspoon of cider vinegar daily.

Note: It is very important to have some oil in the diet to ensure your nutrient circle is complete in the form of Essential Fatty Acids and also to facilitate the absorption of the fat soluble vitamins in the formula.

  1. Season your food with Lite Seasoner (for extra potassium and sodium).
  2. Drink two litres of water a day.
  3. Exercise continuously for 30 minutes daily.
  4. Check your Critical Carbohydrate Level with Uriscan daily.
  5. If you have problems with bowel irregularity take 1 – 4 scoops of Fibre Supplement or FibreMax daily – 1 scoop per Slim Diet mix.
  6. We recommend taking New Image RDA balanced vitamin and mineral tablets while on your weight-loss programme as additional support.
  7. Once your goal weight has been reached, follow the maintenance programme for at least 30 – 90 days until your metabolism has adjusted to your new image.
  8. Last but not least – don’t cheat yourself!


How to Start?

You will need:

  1. New Image SDII
  2. New Image Life Salt
  3. Turbo Shaker
  4. Ketone Sticks – Urine test strips
  5. Cold pressed oil, e.g. flaxseed oil or olive oil
  6. Apple cider vinegar



Please take note that in this programme, you will need 1 gram of protein per kilo of ideal body weight.

For example:
If your current body is 85kg, but your ideal body weight is 70kg. Therefore, you will need 70g of protein a day.
In this programme, you are require to take 4 glasses of SD II (2 helped scoops) that provides 40g of protein. From the above example, you will need to take 30g of protein from your daily foods.

Please take note that:
The protein you need each day is dependant on your goal weight but not less than 60 grams protein.

* The WHO/FAO (1985) recommends that adults require a daily minimum of 0.75 grams of protein per kilo of body weight (Children: 1.0 grams)



  1. Choose food only from the food list. If it is not on the list you can’t have it. Remember the scientists took years to get the list together so you could enjoy rapid fat loss. (refer company guide note for details)
  2. Create meals that provide a totally of 20 – 35g carbohydrate per day or follow the menus given. (refer company guide note for details)
  3. Shake the Slim Diet before opening. A scoop is inside each can.
  4. Mix 2 scoops of formula in the 200ml / 250ml shaker of cold water four times daily (refer company guide note for details)
  5. It is essential to have 4 teaspoons of cold pressed oil and two teaspoons of cider vinegar daily. This can be one teaspoon in the shaker or in a salad dressing.
  6. Season your food with New Image Lite Salt (for extra potassium)
  7. You must drink at least 2 litres of water per day. (Cool Water)
  8. Reduce / Eliminate caffeine drinks, i.e. tea, chocolate and coffee. Cafeine slows fat burning.
  9. Check your ketone stick daily starting on day 3. (refer company guide note for details)
  10. Exercise for a total of 30 minutes per day. A brisk walk is sufficient.

Please purchase the SDII – The Ultimate diet, Lose your fat and Don’t lose your body tone guide note from company sales counter at Mid Valley Office for RM2 each.

The SDII Guide Note
The Contents are:

  1. Introduction
  2. How to start in details
  3. Urine test result
  4. Ten Commandments
  5. Food Chart
  6. Menu for SDII
  7. Weight Maintenance
  8. What should you weight
  9. Weekly Measurements
  10. Ideal weight for height chart


Product FAQS

Will everyone lose weight on this diet? I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work.
Yes! Weight loss is safe and effective with Alpha Lipid SDII. The only difference is how much and how fast. There will be a continued fat loss when utilising the diet plan from this programme as the source of nutrition. Nature makes men burn more calories than women; therefore men lose weight faster.

Why are pregnant women advised not to use the formula?
We advise against pregnant and breast feeding women undertaking this or any other diet programme without the specific advice from their healthcare provider. Mothers-to-be should plan their diet carefully and always seek their gynae’s advice. K-29 can however, make an extremely valuable contribution to a woman’s nutritional needs.

Would headaches be one of the problems?
Headaches can be common for some individuals during weight management programme. This is usually due to fluctuation of fluid and minerals in the body, mostly due to low sodium/salt levels, especially when carbohydrate intake is limited. Hence, we recommend you to add in New Image Lite Salt to your diet. Headaches are also a common result of caffeine withdrawal, or not taking enough fluid. Inadequate fluid intake can cause a mild dehydration which in turn will result in headaches. Be sure that you are well-hydrated by drinking 2-3 liters of water per day.

This diets sounds too good to be true. There must be some negative side effects.
This programme uses sound nutrition principles of healthy eating for safe and effective weight loss. As with any plan your body is undergoing a dramatic change in routine and may react in different ways. Some effects can occur for minority of people, they are usually mild and last just a day or two. The long-term benefits make them more than worthwhile.

Why do you recommend drinking so much water every day?
Water is good for you! Our bodies consist of over 60% water. We need to constantly replace our body fluids. We need sufficient liquid intake to keep our kidneys functioning properly, to help prevent fluid retention.

Soon after starting the SDII plan I developed a bad cold. Why was this?
You caught a cold virus! You’ve had colds in the past and will probably catch a cold in the future. It was just an unfortunate coincidence.

Am I likely to develop infections because of the stress of dieting- and consuming so few calories?
There is no evidence at all to suggest this possibility. In actual fact, most people report improved well-being and fewer incidences of minor infections which prompt visits to the doctor’s surgery.

Some people may react to the high concentration of nutrients in the formula. This is a very temporary condition. Drinking extra water when mixing the supplement can help it.

Will the SDII benefit my arthritis?
The diet plan will not cure any type of arthritis but symptoms in arthritis of the weight-bearing joints -will probably be alleviate by the loss of excess weight and the reduction of saturated fat in the diet. Patient frequently reports that they are able to decrease the amount of anti-inflammatory drugs with their doctor’s permission. Some claim totally freedom from any symptoms.

What about dizziness?
Lack of sodium and fluid is most often caused by the diuretic effect that accompanies weight management programme. A reduction in the amount of fluid circulating in the body may result in dizziness, especially when standing up quickly. The solution are, make sure you get enough fluids and use New Image Lite Salt which 50% sodium and 50% potassium. Choose water as main the main drink and choose the beverages as listed in the diet programme.

I am worried that by losing a lot of weight quickly, I will look gaunt and haggard. Are you sure this won’t happen?
On the contrary, slimmers who lose weight with Alpha Lipid SDII not only are healthy, they look healthy. This is because of the excellent nutritional content and the amount of protein in the Diet programme conserves body protein. The drawn look usually occurs when people have been starving themselves or have lost weight through illness. With the SDII, you’re not depriving yourself of anything – except burning your stored body fat.

Are menstrual irregularities a side effect of the diet?
Occasionally some people do notice menstrual irregularities. This is due to the change in body weight. As their body weight stabilises the cycle returns to normal. Some overweight women fail to menstruate, but when they lose weight their periods return.

I find that I don’t need so much sleep when I’m on the diet. Is this unusual?
Quite often slimmers report that they experience increased energy, better mental concentration, less compulsive eating and few or no carbohydrate cravings. On this diet programme, the body uses fat as energy, where fat provides 9kcal per gram, while carbohydrate and protein provides only 4kcal per gram. With more energy production by using fat as fuel source, tiredness disappears and energy increases. Apart from that, overeating has a definite sedative effect. So through dieting, balanced nutrition and increased vitality often combined to make you feel alert and energetic, thus placing your body into a condition to need less sleep. Spend the extra time wisely.

Is the SDII suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, you merely take two extra servings. It is also suitable for nearly all-religious groups.

I have tendency towards gouts. What do you advise?
People with gout usually have a higher level of uric acid in their blood. The problem with many diets is that they exacerbate the uric acid level. This would certainly occur during the first few days on the diet and the medication might be required. Those people who remain on the diet later show a lowered, even normal uric acid level and are generally less prone to gout attacks. Therefore a doctor’s supervision is vital.

I have had a heart attack and I know I need to lose a lot of weight. Isn’t your diet too stressful for me?
Many heart patients have had a positive experience with the diet. I have to emphasise that this is a matter for the judgement of the individual physician -and constant monitoring would be necessary. No one -with a serious medical condition should embark on any diet programme without total approval of his or her doctor. In particular, it’s important to mention stroke victims and patients with serious kidney and liver ailments, all of who must consult their doctor.

I find that I have bad breath, why?
A small amount of people complains of halitosis or bad breath. In some cases this may be due to production of ketones and in others it is caused by a reduction in saliva or the reflux of gas from the stomach. Drink plenty of fluids to speed up stomach emptying and also help with a mouthwash.

I am taking a birth control pill. Will the diet cause any problems?
No difficulties have come to light in clinical studies or public experience.

I have diabetes. Is the diet OK for me?
Patients with diabetes must be under the direct supervision of their physician. A growing number of medical experts, familiar with the Diet, feel that this is the best method for the treatment of obese maturity onset diabetes. There are many case histories in which all-clinical evidence of diabetes disappears as the patient approaches their ideal weight.

Is the diet suitable for the elderly?
For the obese elderly with a medical problem such as maturity onset diabetes, arthritis or high blood pressure the diet plan, used under medical supervision, is usually extremely beneficial.

Doesn’t this kind of diet cause diarrhoea?
A small number of people might experience this reaction as a result of the mineral content of the formula. Diluting the diet drink with water will reduce the problem. If diarrhoea persists for more than two or three days the diet should be temporarily discontinued and your doctor consulted. Fiber will help normalise bowel function.

I suffer from high blood pressure. Is the SDII ok for me?
A patient’s blood pressure is usually lowered once they are successfully losing weight with the plan. Therefore, it is extremely likely that everyone taking antihypertensive-medication will need to decrease the dosage. It is important that a physician monitor the situation. The patients should never ‘prescribe’ for themselves.

How soon can a new mother, who is not breast-feeding, start seriously dieting?
This is a decision for the doctor, although normally a waiting period of two weeks after birth would be sufficient. Mothers who have experienced extreme blood loss or undergone a Caesarean section should wait a little longer.

I usually depressed when I am dieting. What do you suggest?
Most people on the diet feel exactly the opposite. They tend to become cheerful and positive as they experience successful weight loss. However, someone who is being treated for severe depression may find that their physician feels that the stress of a diet plan is too much for them or will want to constantly monitor the situation. Once again, ask your doctor.

Why do I sometimes experience leg cramps when I am on the diet?
It is possible that this may occur from losing too much salt from the body. The SDII is relatively low in salt and that may be a contributory factor. It is very important to take the Lite Salt as the rules indicate.

I’ve heard of people losing hair on this kind of diet. Can this be true?
On rare occasions people have reported combining out few more hairs than normal. This is no cause for alarm. After a short period of time the hair grows normally again. Many more people actually notice the opposite effect -hair growing back. Most people report their nails and hair grow faster than before.

Why do you lose water when you diet?
When you diet you obviously reduce your intake of calories. This means that initially the body is using up part of its store of glycogen. Each gram of glycogen in the body binds with four grams of water, so when the glycogen is burnt up as energy, it releases four grams of water.

Can I become anaemic on this diet plan?
There is not evidence what so ever that anaemia could be a side effect.

Why do ex-smokers gain weight?
Smoking increases your metabolic rate. When they give up smoking the average person will find that their metabolic rate declines by as such as 250 calories a day. That’s a lot. If they can eat the same as before they will be taking in 3000 calories more than they need every 2 weeks. That will put on half a kilo a fortnight.

Unless an adjustment is made the kilos will go piling on until they have gained perhaps 12.7 kg in the course of a year! Also the non-smoker usually turns to chocolate and sweets for consolation -which only compounds the problem. Now smoking is a much bigger health hazard than obesity, so I very definitely urge you to give up smoking. But, I also urge you to take necessary adjustment in your eating habits at the same time.

When I reach my ideal weight I intend to celebrate by going out for a big feast. Is this ok?
Celebrate with caution. This could be too stressful for your digestive system.

Are the nutrients in the SDII synthetic or natural?
The principal nutrients are obviously natural, coming from soya beans. Some of the added vitamins, minerals and trace elements are ‘nature identical’, as are many that you find in health food stores. This means that although they are manufactured they are identical to the chemical composition of the natural element. They are molecularly the same and perform equally well.

Is there any way to get rid of fat faster from specific areas?
There is no way of controlling ‘target’ areas. From time to time various ‘gimmicks’ and ‘devices’ are promoted but have no strong clinical substantiation for their claims.

Is there any chance that the diet programme will affect my skin?
Yes… in a very positive manner. SDII dieters frequently comment on an improvement in their skin complexion and skin tone generally. The reason is quite simple: proper nutrition and increased water intake.

I know that potassium is important for my heart. Is there really enough in the formula?
For the normal person who is not taking diuretics (water pills) or any other medication, there is sufficient potassium when ‘Litesalt’ used both in tomato salad and tomato juice. It is imperative that anyone taking medication, particularly for high blood pressure consults their doctor so that he can monitor the potassium levels and supplement them if necessary.

What is ketosis and am I likely to get it?
The incomplete breakdown of fat can leave a residue known as ketone bodies. The SDII is formulated to give a very specific balance of carbohydrate as well as protein. There is a moderate rise in ketone levels in people using the diet, which is one reason why the slimmer doesn’t feel hungry but does feel well.


Product Testimonials


Analosa has lost an amazing 54kg in three weeks using the Ultra Diet programme. She decided to give it a try after a bad bout of asthma left her physically exhausted. She was confined to bed, and could hardly move. “My body just couldn’t cope”, Analosa recalls. “My mind wanted to work but I could hardly move, I had no strength in my left arm and my eyes were blurred.” Analosa started on the cleansing diet on November 6, weighing 145kg. She started on Ultra Diet two days later and although she admits to ‘cheating a little’ along the way, she slimmed down rapidly to 91kg by the time she visited the New Image head office on November 26. Analosa’s goal is to get down to size 16 or 17. During her diet, she was too scared to use a scale on a daily basis – afraid that it might show her gaining weight again. Not so, and Analosa’s bubbly laugh, new figure, and new found energy all combine to tell the tale of her remarkable weight loss. Well done Analosa!

– Analosa’s amazing weight loss story


Christine Thompson, Dunedin, New Zealand

Right through my life, I was what most people would consider to be ‘Big’. In June, 1995 I was wearing size 22 clothes and weighed 98kgs. I was drinking up to 18 cups of coffee a day, doing no exercise and suffering a lot of headaches. When I was introduced to the Ultra Diet programme I wanted to start there and then, cost wasn’t a factor, I just wanted to be able to lose weight and get my health in order. With the Ultra Diet 2 programme and added fibre, RDAs and Flax Oil and I was under way. Five weeks further on I was 78kgs and fitting into size 18s. By Christmas I was out buying size 14 clothing and went on to a maintenance programme using Metabolytes and UD3. I continued to lose weight and am now 64kgs and wearing a size 12 (a new wardrobe!) I feel so much healthier and fitter – physically and mentally.

– I used to be “Big!”


Anne Po-Wihongi, Auckland, New Zealand

My name is Anne Po-Wihongi. Nearly two years ago, I was recommended by my doctor to change career and lose weight. I was overweight, overworked, had severe headaches and migraines, had irregular monthly cycles and was stressed out with a bad case of very low self esteem. My weight was 88kgs. The Doctor sent me for X-Ray and MSU tests, and a series of faecal occult bloods to exclude secondary causes for my thrombocytosis. I was referred to Middlemore Haematology Department for a bone marrow biopsy. Platelet count was in excess of 1300 x 109 litre. The normal count is 450 x 109 litre. The treatment I was given was 150g of aspirin daily, which I never took. In September 1997, I was introduced to the New Image Diet by Siniva Papalii and Meli Clegg who were presenting the programme at a meeting that night. I was so impressed by what I heard, I knew this was what I was searching for, so I joined there and then. I went on UD2, RDA, FibreMax, Co Q10 and Pycnogenol Herbal Plus. I lost two kilos in one week. Within two months I had a total loss of 20 kilos and I feel fantastic! Most of my symptoms have gone thanks to the quality products from New Image International. My platelet count now is 700 – 750 x 109 litre. I followed this programme faithfully for two months, exercising for 30 minutes every morning at 6am before going to work. Drinking two litres of water was an every day routine. My husband was very supportive and after seeing the results I have achieved, he now wants to attend his first OP. I am grateful to New Image International for giving me the opportunity to feel and look fantastic, as well as regaining my self esteem. My goal now is to share and care for my family, friends and anyone else I come in contact with who wants a good healthy lifestyle, wealth and a business opportunity.

– Dramatic weight loss with Ultra Diet 2!


Ms Robelle N. Punzalan, Philippines

I was pampered (food wise) when I was young. This led me to gain unwanted weight. I spent a lot of money and effort to slim down, attending health clinics but it was all in vain. I started with Ultra Diet, Fibre, RDAs, CoQ10 and Gymnema. Within ten days I couldn’t believe what I saw on the scales, I had lost 4.5kg (10lbs). I lost a total of 14.96kg (33lbs) in one month. When it came to being photographed, I always hid a part of my big self because I was so ashamed. The ‘after’ photo shows me today 33lbs less.

– Over 14.5kg lost in one month using Ultra Diet