New Image Philosophy

New Image Philosophy

Without Health, there is No Future

At New Image, our philosophy is to focus on preventive health care – to address the cause of illness, not just the symptoms. Our first defence against illness is to provide the body with the ingredients necessary to allow it to function at optimum levels. We believe that good nutrition is essential for healthy living.

You are what you eat. Unfortunately, poor food habits combined with a worsening environment have led to many low level diseases not seen before in our society. Supplementation is an insurance and second defence system against many modern day illnesses. Through training and education, we hope to assist people to become better equipped to make important decisions that can greatly enhance general health and performance. At New Image we focus on greater wellbeing for all our distributors, associates and customers.

By marketing our products in conjunction with product and personal development training seminars, we at New Image aim to achieve the following:

* Establish an awareness of the need for food supplements.

  1. Emphasize whole foods and proper eating habits; conversely, show reasons for avoiding empty calorie foods containing lots of sugar and/or white flour.
  2. Emphasize simplicity of presentation.
  3. Encourage a credible style of selling the products, through a user-friendly referral system.
  4. Remind all members to make no medical claims for the product.
  5. Refer to the company’s sales literature, product labels, and product information as official resource information.
  6. Advise recommended reading from approved sources.
  7. Achieve an enhanced quality of life for our members and their customers worldwide.

To achieve these goals, we have an operating philosophy which guides the way we do business.

Why Health and Lifestyle?

Most of New Image’s products promote good nutrition and healthy living. They include a range of unique vitamin and mineral supplements designed to improve physical and mental well-being. Unlike many network marketing companies who are simply selling products that are available elsewhere, you can be sure that New Image products are making a significant and worthwhile difference to other people’s lives.

We are living in the age of business integrity. An age where individuals are turning more and more to the traditional values of truth and integrity. The lifestyles of the late twentieth century are giving way to more natural and healthy living standards. Nowhere is this trend more visible than the manner in which we treat our bodies. Fast foods are gradually being replaced by more healthy, natural foods. Peoples’ lifestyles are changing.

More and more people are turning to regular exercise as a means to keep fit and well. Traditional chemical-laden medicines are being questioned, not just by the general public but also by groups in the medical profession itself. Many more people are turning to alternative forms of medicine such as homeopathy, acupuncture and holistic medicine.

The medical community is only now reconsidering the role that vitamins and minerals play in the promotion of health. These are not manufacturer-driven changes. They represent a shift in public awareness away from the questionable health attitudes of the past that were born with the industrial revolution.

These changes in attitude are being made every day in most developed communities throughout the world. It should be no surprise that health and nutrition is the fastest growing industry in the world as more and more people realise that a healthy diet has a vitally important role in the maintenance of a balanced and fulfilling Iife.

New Image supports this change in attitudes and provides a unique range of vitamin, herbal and mineral supplements that arise from years of research from some of the smartest minds in the international health and nutrition industry.

New Image’s philosophy goes beyond the simple manufacture of health-enhancing products. We believe we are making a significant contribution to the communities that we serve, by helping to generate a better quality of life for everyone.


New Image has been the recipient of a number of Business Awards for its entrepreneurial efforts over the last decade.