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Nik Hafiz Nik Manshor was born in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, the youngest of five children of a clerk and housewife. Nik Hafiz obtained his degree from Heidelberg college in Ohio, United States. He was married to his wife, Moharina Mohamed in 1996 and they have 3 children.

He got involved in the business in 2007, where he was introduced by the vice president of New Image, Mr Chua himself. Through the business, he has earned a six figure income for the past year and has successfully produced 6 millionaires through this business.

Besides monthly income, this business also introduced a royalty programme where on his first royalty program held in Kota Bharu in March 2008 he earned RM 150,000, second royalty was held in Sunway Convention Centre in September 2008 he earned RM 300,000.

Third and fourth royalty he earn RM400,000 respectively on top the monthly income. His vision is to make Malaysia, in particular Kuala Lumpur, the hub for the rest of Asia.

The Queen of 63rd New Image Malaysia Royalty Convention Ms Goh Anna – 10.5.14